January 9, 2018 [Upcoming / Soon] (Voiced by Peter Musngi) with ABS-CBN Orchestral Theme Edit

This Is Channel 4 DAVAO

A Commercial VHF Television Broadcast Station, Owned and Operated by ABS-CBN Corporation Transmitting on a 100 Kilowatt effective radiated power With Permit Number No. BSD-0388-2015 (REN/MOD) Authorizing the station to Operate Until December 31, 2019.

Channel 4 Studios and Transmitter are Located at the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center Km 4 Broadcast Avenue Mc Arthur Shrine Hills Matina Davao City.

Channel 4 engineering is headed by the following Electronics and Communications Engineers duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission.

  • Engineer Bernardo M. Acosta: PECE no. 864
  • Engineer Andres M. Rara: PECE No. 835
  • Engineer Bobby Nolasco: PECE No. 837 

Operated by the following Broadcast Engineers and First Class Radio Telephone Operators duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission and National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engineer Jose Rizalde M. Umipig: PECE no. 794
  • Engineer Melvin C. Acosta: PECE no. 407
  • Engineer Benito Mercado: PECE no. 865
  • Engineer Jaime R. Silos: ECE No. 2924
  • Benedicto San Vicente: 96-1PHN-1342
  • Cecilio Mikael G. Abalos: 98-1PRC-2125 
  • Jose Wilfredo B. Gonzales: 97-1PVII-15342
  • Gonzalvo Manuel Allado Jr.: 93-1PXII-12259
  • Jose Alejandro G. Gutierrez: 91-1PVII-12477
  • Emilio Manuel R. Solis: 94-1PNCR-14455
  • Junesito Gonzaga: 93-1PNCR-1224
  • Rogelio Pumaren: 99-1PNCR-44559
  • Gilberto Bautista: 92-1PNCR-4597
  • Jose Ramon B. Duavit: 96-1PNCR-1446
  • Andresito Fernandez: 93-1PNCR-223
  • Ruben Enriquez: 92-1PHN-223
  • Elquin M. Damon: 93-1PXI-224
  • Julius S. Catacutan: 92-1PRC-223
  • Gilfredo Velasquez: 93-1PRC-224
  • Almario R. Rentura: 91-1PRC-27
  • Angel R. Rosamanta: 94-1PNCR-22

ABS-CBN Channel 4 Davao, Is Now signing on/off.

Note: This station message used before the national anthem during sign on and again after the national anthem during sign off. This station message background is updated as of January 9, 2018.

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