September 12, 2017 [Upcoming / Soon] (Voiced by Peter Musngi) Edit

This is DWAT-TV Channel 2 Cagayan Valley Isabela, a commercial Television Broadcast Station owned and operated by ABS-CBN Corporation, transmitting on a 20 kilowatt transmitting output power with permit number BSD-0069-2017 (REN) authorizing the station to operate until March 16, 2019.

TV Channel 2 Studios and Transmitter are located at ABS-CBN Broadcast Center, 3/F JECO Bldg., Maharlika Highway, Santiago City, Province of Isabela.

TV Channel 2 Engineering is Headed by the Following Electronics and Communications Engineers duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engineer Bernando M. Acosta - ECE No. 6672
  • Engineer Pablo C. De Vera - ECE No. 10078
  • Engineer Ronaldo G. Talo - ECE No. 41682

Operated by the Following Broadcast Engineers and First Class Radio Telephone Operators duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission and the National Telecommunications Commision.

  • Engineer Justin Sucatre Torremocha - ECE No. 21839
  • Engineer Jeric Bondoc - ECE No. 81812
  • Engineer RJ V. Zapanta - ECE No. 48813
  • Soriano A. Abecia, Jr.: 96-1PNCR-16540
  • Hector Clavesilias Jr.: 97-1PNCR-1040
  • Andres Danao Rosas.: 93-1PNCR-840
  • Jonathan Cantapay: 99-1PRC-221
  • Benjamin Lacastesantos: 94-1PHN-228
  • Florentino Sagrado: 97-1PRC-21108
  • Miguel Cuervo: 91-1PRC-2248

This is ABS-CBN Channel 2 Cagayan Valley Isabela. Now signing on/off.

Television stations in Santiago City, Isabela market
VHF television stations


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