July 10, 2006-January 16, 2011 Edit

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January 23, 2011-May 30, 2017 (Voiced by Peter Musngi) with ABS-CBN Orchestral Theme Edit



This is DZNC Channel 11 Naga, a commercial VHF TV Broadcast Station, operated by ABS-CBN Corporation, transmitting on a 10,000 watts transmitter output power with Permit No. BSD-0272-2009 (REN) authorizing the station to operate until December 7, 2012.

TV 11 Naga broadcast facility is located at ABS-CBN Complex, Panganiban Dr., Naga City.

ABS-CBN TV 11 Naga engineering is headed by the following Electronics and Communications Engineers duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission.

  • Engr. Bernardo M. Acosta: ECE No. 6672
  • Engr. Pablo C. De Vera: ECE No. 10078

TV 11 is operated by the following First Class Radio Telephone Operators duly licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engr. Ronald V. Soriano: ECE # 10346
  • Elmer B. Claveria: 93-1PV-2173
  • Ivan Thaddeus L. Banaag: 95-1PV-13531
  • Samuel D. Marbella: 96-1PV-16667
  • Andres L. Valiente, Jr. II: 96-1PHN-16941
  • Jesus M. Laurio III: 95-1PV-15394
  • William G. Paja: 95-1PV-12708
  • Anthony J. Barbonio: 09-1PNCR-23024

ABS-CBN Channel 11 Naga is now signing on/off.

May 30, 2017-present Edit

Continues in relay station notice in ABS-CBN Manila DWWX-TV 2 Manila Sign On and Sign Off.