For the AM radio station in Mega Manila, see DWBL-AM 1242kHz Sign On and Sign Off with the same callsign.

This is radio station DWBL-FM a commercial radio station owned and operated by the ARCHDIOCESE OF SAN FERNANDO, operated at 91.9 MHz, with the power 50,000 watts

DWBL-FM is duly authorised by the NTC with temporary permit # BSD-0180-2014 which will expire on 4/3/17

DWBL-FM studios and transmitters are located at: 401 4th Floor, DIOCESE OF SAN FERNANDO Building, Gen. Hizon Ave., Barangay del Pilar, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA

DWBL-FM is operated by the following E&CE, RTO & ET duly licensed by the NTC and the PRC

ECE: PERSON 1: with license # 0035895

FCRTO: PERSON 1: with license # 14-1PNCR-26659

ET: PERSON 1: with license # 0007458

ET: PERSON 2: with license # 0010393

and ET: PERSON 3: with license # 0010394

This is radio station DWBL-FM, NOW SIGNING ON/OFF