Good Morning This is DWDY-AM a commercial radio station owned by Northeastern Broadcasting System

DWDY operates daily from 4 am to 10 pm with a power of 10,000 watts on 1107 kHz

Our studio and transmitter are located at Isabela Hotel, Cauayan City, Isabela

Radio stations in the Santiago City, Isabela, market
By AM frequency

DZPG 531|DZJS 585 (TBA)|DWRH 648|DZNC 801 Cauayan City |DWSI 864|DWTS 981|DZEO 1071|DWDY 1107 Cauayan City|DZMR 1143|DZVS 1161|DWET 1179|DZCS 1224|DZPX 1395|DZHC 1476
By FM frequency
DWND 88.5|DWHT 92.5|DWTR 93.7|DWIP 94.5|DWIT 96.1|DZKJ 96.9 (TBA)|DWVX 97.5|DWMX 97.7|DWKB 99.3|DZFT 100.9 (TBA)|DZPV 103.7|DZNU 104.7|DZYY 105.3|DZVU 106.5