Film4 is a British television channel owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation in the UK. It shows mainstream and indie movies. Prior to July 23, 2006, Film4 was operated as a 24-hour pay TV movie channel.

Like most and other digital terrestrial television channels in the UK, Film4 usually signs off at around 3:30/3:50AM and signs on at around 11AM (12NN on its timeshift channel). On some hours during the sign-off period and like some channels in the UK (with the exception of channels from the BBC), it airs infomercials as well.

July 23, 2006-September 2, 2014 Edit

Film4 Sign-On (March 2010)01:53

Film4 Sign-On (March 2010)

Sign-on of Film4 which uses the 2006 branding.

Sign-on Edit

There's no station notice nor national anthem, which is straightforward. However, a sting based on the channel can be seen.

Sign-off Edit

Just like the sign-on, there's no station notice nor national anthem. Instead, it goes to this message,


September 2, 2014-present Edit

Sign-on Edit

There's no station notice nor the national anthem shown. Only the message "WELCOME" is shown.

Sign-off Edit

Like the 2006 era, it uses the similar style, except the graphics are heavily changed to match the current branding. A new music created by Kelpe, specifically made for this channel, is added.

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