KMYS 35 San Antonio Analog Sign-off04:02

KMYS 35 San Antonio Analog Sign-off

This concludes the analog transmission of KMYS-TV Channel 35, Kerrville-San Antonio.

The studios and offices of KMYS-TV are at 4335 Northwest loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas.

The transmitting facility is located near Lakehills, Texas.

Since November 6, 1985, KMYS-TV broadcast in channel 35, with the effective radiated power of 5,000 kilowatts visual and 500 kilowatts aural, by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission.

KMYS will continue to broadcast round-the-clock as digital channel 35-1.

On behalf of the entire staff and management of KMYS, we wish you a very pleasure good night and good morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our national anthem.

Note Edit

After the national anthem, then old Indian-head test pattern appears with the text "KMYS TV KERRVILLE, SAN ANTONIO CHANNEL 35" and followed by the loud tone until static. After that, the analog transmission has shut down.

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