1980s (voiced by Gary York) Edit

KREM 2 sign-off 198707:09

KREM 2 sign-off 1987

This is the seal of the National Association of Broadcasters that signifies KREM-TV has voluntarily joined with other broadcasters to limit certain types of advertising, and maintain a high level of taste in the acceptance of advertising.

KREM-TV is owned and operated by the King Broadcasting Company, telecasting with maximum power, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. The studios are located at 4103 South Regal, and the transmitter on Tower Peak, five miles southeast of Spokane.

Channel 2 now ends its telecast day, and on behalf of the staff and management, this is Gary York, wishing you a cordial goodnight.

2006 Edit

KREM Sign-Off02:08

KREM Sign-Off

This is KREM television in Spokane, Washington. KREM-TV is owned by the Belo Corporation. Our offices are located at South 4103 Regal, and our transmitters are located on Krell Ridge, seven miles southeast of Spokane. KREM-TV broadcasts on channel 20 digital, at a frequency of 506 to 512 MHz, operating with a special temporary authorization, with a maximum average effective radiated power of 53.6 kilowatts. Our analog signal is broadcast on channel 2 at a frequency of 54 to 60 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 84.7 kilowatts visual, and 15.5 kilowatts aural. From the staff and management of KREM television, we bid you a good night.

Note Edit

In the 1980s signoff, KREM's call sign is spelled out/pronounced as "K-R-E-M," while the 2006 signoff pronounces KREM as "Crème"

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