August 28, 2017-present (Voiced by Mylene Mariano-Rivera) Edit

This is Net 25 Channel 41 Cebu, A commercial UHF television station, owned and operated by the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, transmitting on a 35 kilowatt output with NTC permit number BSD-0405-2017-0593, authorizing this station to operate until June 23, 2018.

Channel 41 studios and transmitter is located at Pajeres Bldg., Osmena Blvd., Cebu City.

Net 25 is headed by the following personnel, duly licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission, and the National Telecommunications Commission.

  • Engr. Efren T. Pineda, PECE No. 494 
  • Engr. Randy A. Velasco, PECE No. 555 
  • Engr. Bernard N. Pangulayan, ECE No. 869 
  • Engr. Elmer L. Inot: ECE No. 12788 
  • Engr. Narciso V. Bernante - ECE. No.: 23782

With first class radio-telephone operators: 

  • Joselito Melgar Tumulak, 09-1PHN-2234
  • Erwin Duterte, 92-1PNCR-233
  • Benjamin M. Jaim, Jr., 04-1PHN-5565 
  • Gregorio Meredores Jr., 93-1PVII-2602
  • Rogelio Ciriaco, 96-1PVII-24480
  • Marlon Albarraccin, 95-1PVII-14403 
  • Gustin Wenceslao Ng Sinco, 06-1PHN-224
  • Rommel Castañeda: 07-1PCAR-4277

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Net 25, signing on/off.

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