There are television station of UNTV, formally known by two brands as UNTV News and Rescue and UNTV Public Service, is a commercial broadcast/cable television network in the Philippines. It's owned by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), together with Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International, Inc.

1999-2002 Edit

No station notice for this station.

(Sign on) The test card and the Philippine National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang) followed by the Station ID and first program of the channel.

(Sign off) The final programming closing credits and the Station ID followed by the Philippine National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang) then test card.

2004-present Edit

UNTV Life Sign-off (03-23-2016)05:49

UNTV Life Sign-off (03-23-2016)

They don't go off the air and broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monday at midnight sign off and until 4AM. However, they will go off-air during Holy Week, midnight of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday until 4AM of Black Saturday.

Broadcast UHF Television stations in the Metro Manila market
Solar (SBN/ETC | RJTV/2nd Avenue) |

ABS-CBN (S+A) | EBC (Net 25) | GMA (GMA News TV) | BEAM BEAM | ZOE/Light Network ZOE/Light Network | PBC (UNTV) | SMNI (SMNI) | TV5 (AksyonTV) | CEBSI (INC TV)

Inactive television stations
DBS (DBS) | 68 Intervision (Intervision)

Digital Television stations in the Metro Manila market
Digital television

19 RPN/CNN Philippines 503.143 MHz | 22 SBN/Solar 521.143 MHz | 27 GMA 551.143 MHz | 32 BEAM 581.143 MHz | 33 Light Network 587.143 MHz | 38 UNTV 617.143 MHz | 40 SMNI 629.143 MHz | 42 PTV 641.143 MHz | 43 ABS-CBN 647.143 MHz | 49 Net 25/INC TV 683.143 MHz | 51 TV5 695.143 MHz |

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