Analog sign-off Edit

WCBS TV New York Analog TV Sign Off June 12th 2009

WCBS TV New York Analog TV Sign Off June 12th 2009

This is WCBS-TV New York.

WCBS-TV broadcasts on channel 2 by the authority of the Federal Communications Commission.

WCBS-TV is owned by CBS, inc. and is operated by the CBS Television Stations Division.

WCBS-TV will cease broadcasting regular analog programming on channel 2 permanently effective with this sign-off.

The next regularly scheduled broadcast on WCBS-TV (Analog) will be nightlight public service announcements at 3:00 PM. Good day.

(national anthem)

Note: After the national anthem, WCBS-TV will shut-down for few hours until they are ready for nightlight station.

Nightlight Station sign on Edit

(national anthem)

Good afternoon.

This is WCBS-TV.

WCBS-TV is owned and operated by CBS, Inc.

This station will operate for the next 30 days as a Nightlight station only for the New York area.

The only programming that will be present is information regarding the switch to digital television and where you can obtain assistance.

Note: This station will only operate for the next 30 days as the nightlight station. After that, analog transmission will shut down permanently on July 11, 2009.