This is WCYB-TV, channel 5 in Bristol, serving Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City, and the five-state area. WCYB-TV is owned and operated by Appalachian Broadcasting Corporation, a subsidiary of Lamco Communications, Incorporated. WCYB-TV's studios and general offices are located at Cumberland and Lee Streets, Bristol, Virginia. The studio-transmitter links KIS-44 and KCS-8909 operate on frequencies 6987.5 and 6912.5 megahertz. WCYB-TV operates at maximum power 83.2 kilowatts visual, 11.5 kilowatts aural. The transmitter is located on Rye Patch Knob on Holston Mountain in the Cherokee National Forest with an antenna 2230 feet above average terrain. Some of our programs during the day were on film and videotape. This is _______________ speaking for the staff and management of WCYB-TV, wishing you a very pleasant goodnight and good morning. Ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem.

WCYB-5, Bristol, VA, Sign Off, 198802:21

WCYB-5, Bristol, VA, Sign Off, 1988

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