WOKE-AM 1340 Sign-Off02:02

WOKE-AM 1340 Sign-Off

Wonder WOKE Radio brings its broadcast schedule to a start/close.

WOKE is home-owned and operated by the Weaver Broadcasting Corporation with business offices and studios are at 1715 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.

The WOKE transmitter is located in the heart of the Greater Charleston Community in the North Charleston.

Wonderful WOKE Radio, your station for good popular music, complete news, and sports on the local, state and national levels, transmitts 1340kHz on your AM radio dial, with an authorized power of 1,000 watts day and night.

(Sign off) WOKE Radio now leaves the air until 4:55 this morning. The staff and management of Wonderful WOKE Radio wishes for you and yours a pleasant good night and a happy good morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our national anthem. (not heard in the audio)

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