1992 Edit

WTVS now returns to the air/leaves the air for technical maintenance.

Our next schedule program 6 AM, thank you for watching WTVS Channel 56.

This is WTVS Detroit, WTVS is owned and operated by the Detroit Educational Television Foundation.

Administrative offices and main studios are located at 7441 2nd Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan, also called for 202 transmitting facilities are located at 26,000 945 West 11, Mile Road, between, Telegraph and Thanks to Roads in Southern Michigan.

WTVS operates on channel 56, which in turn operates and carrier frequency of 72 3.25 mHz visual and 72 77.5 mHz aural.

WTVS is licensed to operate on channel 56, with the effective radiated power of a 1,550,000 watts peak visual and 255,000 watts peak aural.

Our transmitter output power is licensed at 110,000 watts peak visual and 11,000 watts peak aural.

WTVS is licensed to broadcast on these frequencies and that these powers by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 1919 M Street Northwest, Washington D.C., 2055

WTVS is also licensed to operate auxiliary broadcast services among them are domestic fixed satellite earth station WS 67 TV intercity relays supporting the satellite earth station WGV 694, WGV 695, WCX 624 and WCX 625.

TV intercity relays from East Lansing, Michigan, WHS 508, WHS 509, WHS 435

Studio to transmitter link KQI 20, the truck for the education to WTVS studio Kenz 62 and auxiliary to instructional television fixed services WHH 8 43.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the national anthems of Canada and United States. (not heard in announcement)

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