Preparing for DTV transition Edit

WXWI-FTV FOX 10 Analog Sign off05:23

WXWI-FTV FOX 10 Analog Sign off

Due to the federal demanded DTV conversion, WXWI-FTV FOX 10 analog signal now leaves the air.

But we're still broadcasting in digital.

If you subscribe to cable, satellite or pay TV service and if you're seeing this message, please contact your provider.

However, if you're watching us on an older analog television set, using an antenna, you must now have a digital converter box.

To obtain one, please call 1-888-DTV-2009 or log on to

(screen fades out to black)

In a few moments, after 60 years, WXWI-FTV will turn off its analog signal and broadcast only in 100% digital.

But first, now lookback its analog history on channel 10. (song playing and then the national anthem)

Final words in analog Edit

WXWI-FTV now leaves the air.

WXWI was licensed by NO SIR GIFTS venues and its afficated by FOX Broadcasting Corporation.

WXWI operated on the side frequency of 192 to 198 megahertz with the effective radiated power of 360 kilowatts video and 31 kilowatts audio as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission.

Thanks for being with us for up to 60 years of analog broadcasting here on WXWI-FTV FOX 10 Racine/Milwaukee.

Now, on the staff and management of WXWI-FTV, we may wish you a pleasure good night.

(cut to color bars for a few seconds then static)

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